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      2. About us

        Liaoning Shixing Pharmaceutical & Chemical CO., Ltd. was founded in 1998. At present, it is a specialized manufacturer and exporter engaged in producing and trading of pharmaceutical, food additives, agrochemical and dyestuff intermediates in China.
        Occupying a total area of 220,000 square meters, our company has over 1000 employees, and has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 International Quality System and also ISO 22000.
        The leading product Vanillin capacity is 3000mts per year, Ethyl Vanillin capacity is 1000mts per year, the quality complies with the FCC standard. Guaethol capacity is 2500mts per year.
        We are also one of the biggest Para-aminophenol producers in China, the capacity is 28000mts per year...

          Click to learn more about our company

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